Don’t Don’t Don’t Believe the Hype

Don't believe the hype about digital marketingThere’s a lot of hype around digital marketing.  Friends, family, consultants, books will tell you that you have to be on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube that you have to do SEO, SEM, Content marketing and if you don’t you’ll become irrelevant, your business will fail and you will DIE!!

All this noise usually has one of the following results

You ignore it (this internet stuff is just a fad, it’ll go away soon “Miss Jones, send a telex to the marketing department”)

You take the half arsed approach (our Facebook account has 3 users, two of them are family and the third one is a creepy guy who collects sauce packets).

So, How Do You Break Through The Hype?

So how do you break through the hype and develop a strategy that suits you and your business.

  1. Find out where you are (Unless you’re a new business you’ll have some digital assets. Measure your current site and social network performance. (Sometimes there are some easy wins, sometimes there are some horrible realities.)
  2. Work out where you’re going (Sorry, you have to dust off your business objectives here)
  3. Identify goals for achieving those objectives (sell, tell, acquire or build desire)
  4. Find out which KPI’s are related to those goals (Units, $, visitors, engagement, leads, downloads)
  5. Measure them on a regular basis and try to improve them.

Now You Have Data!

dataNow that you have a solid base of understanding where you are and what’s important to you, the choices about which methods to use and why become much simpler. For instance

We have to have lots of followers on Facebook becomes we are on Facebook to get visitors to our web site for lead generation. We have 1000 followers but we only get 20 visits to our web site and two of them fill in our contact form. Let’s try XYZ and see if we can improve this.

We need to rank better on Google to sell more becomes visitors from Google are abandoning our shopping cart. Let’s analyse which part of the process we’re loosing them on and fix it.


Don’t Put All Your Eggs in One Basket, But Don’t Have TOO Many Baskets

You don’t want to spend all your time or money on one marketing channel, this industry moves so fast that you could get caught with a drastic drop in traffic if Google makes changes to how they rank web sites. This happened a couple of times in the last year, catching a lot web sites out for using negative SEO techniques, suddenly NO RANKINGS. You also shouldn’t spread yourself too thin, there’s a balance between using the channels that suit your business and doing them well.


The Best Approach Is To Have an Approach

Online Marketing provides massive opportunities for all types of businesses and you don’t have to be an Amazon or Harvey Norman to take advantage of them. Even small businesses with limited budgets can be hugely successful. The key is to get started and take a planned, methodical approach without getting caught up in the hype.