It’s Marketing Jim but not as we know it

Digital MarketingThis is the first of a series of articles about online marketing.  We’ll start off at what should be the central hub of your online marketing strategy and then look at some of the other components that can take your business to the next level.

They have these things called web sites right….

We all know what web sites are but what is yours there for?  Who visits it?  How do they find it?  Is it the equivalent of a fancy business card or maybe a remnant of last century.  For the last 10 years we’ve all heard “you have to have a web site”.  We have one built and we wait for the customers to beat down our door…….and we wait…..and we wait.

We all know it’s important to have an online presence for our business but what seems to have got lost is why and who it’s for?

I’m going to state the bleeding obvious here but only because it gets forgotten.  It’s for increasing sales and it’s for your customers and potential customers.  It’s a marketing tool and should be treated as one.   What we typically see is web site diarrhea.  You get a pretty web site and you throw everything about your company and your products up there hoping some of it sticks.
Your web site is (or should be) the central hub to all your marketing activities.  It should have clear objectives, clear messages and you should have an integrated approach (Content, Search, Social Media, Video, Email etc) to getting people there.  Once there make the process of converting them into a customer easy.  Tell them WHAT you do FOR them and HOW you do it, then lead them through an EASY process to an outcome.  This could be an ecommerce sale, a contact form, a download, a trial, a click, lots of things.

This is so much more effective than “Here’s everything we do, please LOVE us?”

Web sites are the most flexible and measurable marketing tool available.  We can measure every part of that process.  What got your visitors to which page, where they came from, how effective was that page and the process?  More importantly we can tell what worked and what didn’t and if it didn’t we can change it.

Every business is different, there is no single magic formula (something our overseas SEO spam businesses will try and have you believe) that fits all however there is a magic formula for your business and your customers.   It’s a matter of building on sound principles and then measuring results, testing new theories and optimising to find it.