you are hereI was recently holidaying on Kangaroo Island doing a bit of hiking and walking on a few trails. Anyone who has been hiking or used a map in a shopping centre knows about the big arrow and “YOU ARE HERE”. Without this point of reference it is nearly impossible to navigate to your destination. 

The same is true for digital marketing. Without understanding your current situation it’s a tough ask to create a digital marketing strategy that’s going to achieve your business goals. Unfortunately, it is common practice when creating a new web site or embarking on a new marketing campaign that it’s often done without consideration to where you’re starting from. These assumptions then lead to ambiguous goals and then no one is really sure if the efforts were successful.  

Often a campaign is abandoned without fully understanding the reasons behind the results. Instead of looking at the data, comparing to previous results and making an informed decision an extreme view is taken such as “Email never works for our business”, “No one ever visits our web site”. Opportunities are missed for either better understanding your customers or new ideas.  With a new web site or rebranding exercise there is often vital information in the analytics of the existing web site such as customer journey, search information or channel effectiveness that can provide drastic improvements over a “new look”. 

Also knowing when you are still on the trail is just as important as where you started.  On a hike, there are markers and warning signs to make sure you are heading in the right direction and not getting into trouble.  With digital marketing these are the KPI’s and reports to adjust direction or make decisions. 

Next time you are considering changes or improvements to your digital marketing make sure you know where you’re starting from.  It’s a bit late to see the warning sign after you’ve walked off the cliff!